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NDSoR: Reaching All Learners [Online, Asynchronous Course]

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NDSoR: Reaching All Learners [Online, Asynchronous Course]

Sunday, June 30, 2024 (5:00 PM - 5:01 PM) (CDT)


Disregard the event date as this course is open for enrollment year-round. Recent legislation places an emphasis on student literacy in the early grades.  North Dakota Century Code 15.1-21-12.1 states that each teacher who teaches kindergarten through grade three at a school district or nonpublic school and each principal of a public or nonpublic school with kindergarten through grade three shall attend teacher-approved, professional development training that includes topics focused on:  1. Phonemic Awareness  2. Phonics  3. Fluency  4. Vocabulary  5. Comprehension, and  6. Uses systematic, direct instruction for students in kindergarten through grade three to ensure students obtain necessary early reading skills  This course has been developed in partnership with the North Dakota Department of Instruction and the AIM Institute forLearning Research. It is designed for educators who are committed to learning about the connection between reading research, theoretical models of reading, and best practices for language and literacy instruction in the classroom. This course is funded by the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction to assist you in meeting the professional development requirements set forth in Century Code 15.1-21-12.1. AUDIENCE:K-3, reading, special education, and English learner teachers that teach reading directly; K-3 principals; and Instructional Coaches leading literacy work. COURSE COMPLETION:Approximately 20 hours, to be completed asynchronously. A Pre and Post assessment is required. OPTIONAL ADD-ONS: Community of Practice:A total of 3 live,virtual community of practice sessions will also be offered for participants to connect and talk with other educators in North Dakota. Those interested in participating in this community of practice must register separately using the linkhere. Facilitator Train the Trainer:A total of 2 live, virtual train the trainer sessions will be offered to those looking to facilitate their own Community of Practice in their districts (instructional coaches, teacher leaders, etc.) Those interested in participating in this community of practice must register separately using the linkhere. COST: FREE for North Dakota educators CREDIT: 1 credits available upon successful completion of the course with an overall course grade of 80% or higher. Please note that there is a fee for credit.The SOR: Reaching All Learners course includes graded assessments, including section Knowledge Check quizzes and the post-course knowledge inventory. Each Knowledge Check is worth 20% of the overall course grade, and the post-course Knowledge Inventory is worth 40% of the course grade. The overall course grade is displayed within the participants transcript once the course is completed, and is printed on the certificate of completion. Participants can improve their grade by retaking any graded quiz; each quiz may be taken a maximum of two times. The highest score of the two attempts will be averaged into the overall grade for that section.

FREE to North Dakota educators thanks to supported funding from the N.D. Department of Public Instruction.

Event Contact
Kerri Whipple
(701) 997-2482
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Sunday, June 30, 2024 (5:00 PM - 5:01 PM) (CDT)

Course is open for enrollment year-round.

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